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huzzah_icons's Journal

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check out my personal lj at spookyhandle

The Rules
-Credit me! I'm not a stickler about this if it's something I've just cropped/resized, but anything that's been modified took creativity and effort, so please, please credit. It won't kill you, I promise.
-Comment! Please! I like feedback. Tell me that they're awful (and how--constructive criticism, please) or tell me how much you love them (and why).
-Customizing? That's your business. But let me see, okay? I'm curious. And credit for the original would be nice.
-Requests? Uhh... Sure! I won't promise to accept all of them, but if I have the time and the request seems reasonable, I'll do my best.

Brush Credits

That's right, I don't make my own brushes. I do use a large assortment of brushes from xxestellaxx, dj43, saltsweetbitter, customer_mimi, zephia. amore and ewanism